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Story  Time!
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All of Skippy's photos are real and none are 

photo shopped! 

 He is a real live 

chipmunk who lives in

New Jersey

 2016-2024  Scarince-Jones 

Skippy ChipMunk's Birthday Surprise

is a wonderful book for a child's birthday.   Skippy thought Grammy was having a party without him.  Who was the yummy cake and the decorations for?  It turned out to be the best surprise ever!        $12.


Skippy ChipMunk Where are you Going? 

 This book follows Skippy throughout the day.

Where could he be going? He is such a busy little chipmunk.

A perfect book to read before bedtime!

 dp/9780997713404     $12                                                                                                              


Skippy ChipMunk the Artist!

 This is a great book for your little artist. Skippy shares his talent with his friends in the garden.  They have an art show and invite everyone to see their beautiful work!                $12      

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      Skippy books are easy readers
    ages 3-7  

     Skippy ChipMunk Where Are You Going?
          Skippy ChipMunk's Birthday Surprise
           Skippy ChipMunk The Artist

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